Words From Our Customers

We’re so pleased to share a few of the testimonials we have received from customers who have experienced the difference of our nature-inspired Bloom Mineral Beauty Dead Sea mineral products:

Cindy at The Pulse @thepulsesd shared some video thoughts on her experience with Bloom Mineral Beauty!

“Thank you, thank you, thank you again for the fabulous products you sent my way! Everything has arrived and I was able to try out Bloom.  My skin was having a moment this weekend/earlier this week, but after using the mud mask, almond scrub and toner…omg my skin was transformed overnight! Seriously, the next day my boss commented on how great my skin looked and she didn’t even know I had used Bloom! So please pass that on to them, seriously fabulous!”

– Victoria Conn, Woman’s World


“They were very light on my skin, and they did not feel heavy and oily as most moisturizers do. Very smooth texture. Give it two thumbs up!”

– Hope E.


“After years of struggling with dark spots on my face and trying all the expensive department store products, I have finally found a product that works. I was a little skeptical when I first started using Bloom Mineral Products, because most offer miracles and always disappoint.

The Bloom Purifying Mud Mask has cleared my skin completely. Those awful dark spots are now invisible, and I don’t feel self-conscious about them any longer. I am in my 70’s and friends have been remarking on my clear, glowing skin. You can’t ask for better results than that.

Thank you Bloom for giving me back my confidence- I’m so happy with your products!”

– Esther R.


“I have been using Bloom Mineral Beauty products for over a month now, and they have quickly taken over my day and night face regimen. I have dry sensitive skin and these products have been perfect for me! The Hydrating Almond Scrub was specifically one of my favorite products. It gently exfoliated my skin, leaving it so soft, and hydrated. The Softening Cleansing Milk was another of my favorites. It left my face so smooth, clean and soft to the touch. The Moisture Shield and Shielding Eye Cream settled into my skin very nicely, was not heavy on my face at all and absorbed wonderfully. The scents were very enjoyable as well, as they were not overpowering.

Last but not least, the Shielding Hand Cream. I use this product multiple times throughout the day while at work. I work with a lot of papers and typing, so my hands tend to get very dry. This product has been wonderful in keeping my hands nice and hydrated!”

– Christen M.


“I really enjoyed using the products (mud mask and overnight moisturizer). The packaging was great and will be a great seller when people are buying it as a gift for others. The mud mask felt like real mud, which I loved! It wasn’t very fragrant and I felt comfortable using a natural product on my face. It made my face a little pink, but after I rinsed the mask off, I applied the moisturizer. It instantly cooled my skin. My face felt thoroughly cleansed. The next morning my pores were not visible, and my skin looked very healthy!”

– Merissa M.

“At first skeptical, being an avid user of another brand, I decided to test the product, which is something I do not tend to do, as my skin is sensitive. That said, upon using a few of the products by Bloom, I was pleasantly surprised to see the quality and how my skin felt after! I look forward to expanding the products I use.”

– Hope


“Here is a product that actually works! This hand cream feels wonderful and has a very light scent. I have been using it for over two months and love it. After the first week my hands & feet looked so much better and were smoother and softer. Great product!”
– Jordan V.


“I have been using three of your products: the Hydrating Almond ScrubShielding Hand Cream and Shielding Body Lotion, for the past several months. I am very pleased with all three products and plan to continue using them.

The scrub has improved both the look and texture of my facial skin. I am seeing a glow and clarity in my skin that was not there before. Now that the sunshine is back along with sunscreens and insect repellents I have found that the scrub takes away the heavy encased feeling that can come with the use of these products. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, soft and supple. I have found using it once a day does the trick for me but it is gentle enough that I do not hesitate to use it twice a day.

The hand cream gives me the deep moisturizing that I need for my hands without leaving them feeling sticky or greasy. It absorbs quickly so I do not feel like I have to wait 5 or 10 minutes to touch anything.

Like the hand cream, the body lotion absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling moist and supple. I have noticed a real difference in my legs and feet. I use it twice a day with great results. Have not had to worry about the dry skin of winter and am ready to show off my legs and feet in my summer wear and sandals.

Thank you for your great products. I look forward to exploring the other products in your line. I will not hesitate to recommend your line of skin care products to my friends.”

– Anne M.


I wanted to write a short review of Bloom products that I have recently tried. The Shielding Body Lotion has a very nice fragrance and feel. I loved how it went on and stayed on.

The Purifying Mud Mask is very different. It kind of tingles when it goes on, but upon removal it left my skin very soft and vibrant.

I also loved the Hydrating Almond Scrub. It is full of almonds and and I loved the way my face looked after I used it. Last, the Shielding Foot Cream. I loved, loved this. I use it every night on my feet and it has made a huge difference on the dry skin on my heels. I look forward to continued use of all the products in my daily skin regimen.

– Barbara W.