Skin Care Starter Sets and Gift Boxes

Our starter kits are a great way to discover the wonders of Bloom Mineral Beauty for you, as a gift, or even as a convenient travel set.  If you like to try before committing to a full line, you found the right products, and we’re convinced that when you see your confident beauty, you’ll be back for more!

The Fit Petite Says:

Bloom Mineral Beauty Review“What makes this skin care line so great for me are the properties that allow it to be not only cleansing but moisturizing  as well.

As someone with acne prone skin, I put it to the test daily between sweaty gym workouts and makeup applications. I am satisfied with the results I have experienced with Bloom Mineral Beauty. Made of minerals derived directly from the Dead Sea, the benefits compile an impressive list of benefits such as purifying, softening, and increasing flexibility.” – The Fit Petite (