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Simplify Your Routine

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Every week it seems like there are new, specialized skincare products hitting the market, with reasons listed why we should add them to our routine. A serum for redness, a mask for dryness, a treatment for breakouts – what ever happened to keeping it simple?

Oftentimes your skin can become overwhelmed and irritated when you introduce too many products at once or drastically change your skincare routine. Ingredients from one product may clash with the other, rendering them useless or causing irritation or an even worse breakout.

It is also important to remember that we all have different skin types. Although the millennial pink packaging may look nice on your shelf and your friend has raved about the latest serum and how it worked for them, it might not be the best product for your individual routine.

Sometimes, the best thing you can do to “fix” your skin (remember, breakouts are normal, and nothing to be ashamed of), is to simplify your routine. Here’s what we mean by this:

  1. Simplify the number of products you use. Go back to basics and give your skin a break before adding new products. You may notice a difference in your skin because some products weren’t working well together, or were working against you!
  2. Simply the ingredients in the products you use. This is another way of going back to basics. Products with natural ingredients, like dead sea salt, that are recognizable and have been proven to improve your skin and enhance its natural glow.

Once your skin is recovered, you can slowly add products back in to see what is actually working, and talk to your dermatologist before using chemicals and defoliants you are unfamiliar with or haven’t tried before.

Find out why so many women are turning to Bloom Mineral Beauty to simplify their skincare routine, and enjoying the benefits of Dead Sea minerals. Visit our online store or give us a call at 757-857-3728 to talk with us about Bloom Mineral Beauty products.

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