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Should You Wear Sunscreen Daily?

Today, more people than ever are taking control of their health – especially their skin! This means that not only are people washing and moisturizing, they are adding other important products to their routine that will help their skin stay hydrated and happy.

One of these products is sunscreen. This may sound strange if you’re used to only putting on sunscreen before heading to the beach or to do yard work, but there are many benefits to daily sunscreen use. You may have a few questions about adding sunscreen into your skincare routine, and our experts are here to help:

  1. Why use sunscreen daily?Unless you are staying in your house all day, you’re going to be exposed to potentially harmful rays. Most signs of aging come from sun exposure, and preventing wrinkles, pigmentation and sunspots comes down to protecting your skin every time you go outside.
  2. What types of sunscreen are there?You may be familiar with the usual ranges of sunscreen – standard versus all natural, 25 spf versus 50 spf, and so on. Choosing one from these options can already be challenging, but more research will tell you that there are even more variations – like mineral versus chemical. It’s best to find what works for you – experiment using different types of sunscreen and notice how your skin reacts to each with daily use. Jot notes about each to remember what you liked and didn’t like.
  3. Where in my routine do I apply sunscreen?Before you apply any products to your face, you should always cleanse to make sure the previous day’s makeup and oils are completely gone. Follow with a toner and your moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and fresh, and then use your sunscreen before applying any makeup products like foundation and concealer. Your skin will thank you later!

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