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August 2017

Why Should You Use A Toner?

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If you have looked into the vast world of skincare, chances are that you have come across a ‘toner.’ You may have spotted it while browsing through a beauty supply store, read about it in someone’s skincare routine, or seen it in our line of products.
Perhaps someone recommended a toner to you- a friend or your dermatologist. If you’ve always wondered what they are and why exactly you should use one, look no further:

A toner is a water-based product designed with added ingredients to supplement your skincare routine after a cleanser. Toners are very gentle and there is a wide- variety to choose from based on your skin type. For example, our Balancing Facial Toner is made with a rare blend of Dead Sea mineral salts, soothing cucumber, and chamomile extracts. Because chamomile extract is an excellent source of vitamin B, and cucumber extract contains essential proteins, toner helps replenish your skin after using a cleanser.

So what exactly does a toner do? It helps remove any excess dirt that your cleanser may have not been able to reach, or any lingering product from the cleanser itself. It also aids in rebalancing the pH of your skin, which can change during cleansing. With a rebalanced pH, your skin is less likely to be damaged by environmental factors like sun and pollution. Overall, using a toner will leave your skin rehydrated, more clean, and prepared for whatever the next day brings.

At Bloom Mineral Beauty, we are excited to share the joy of health and beauty with our customers. Whether you want to enhance the beauty of your face or body, we can help bring your skin to life. Visit our online store or give us a call at 757-842- 6350 to talk with us about Bloom Mineral Beauty products.

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