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May 2017

Getting The Most Out Of Your Beauty Routine

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Now that you have invested time and money in the perfect skin care line, it’s time to get the most out of your beauty routine. Here are a few tips to make this last as long as possible, leaving you more time and money for summer cocktails and cookouts.

Always follow the order of use recommended by the manufacturer. In developing beauty products, the experts spend a lot of time determining the best order of application for the customer. At Bloom Mineral Beauty the products were designed to work best in this order – Mask-Exfoliate-Cleanse-Eye Cream-Shield – giving you the most benefits and biggest return on your beauty investment.

Always apply the product by recommended usage and amount. It is important that you are using each product in the Bloom line appropriately. Most of our products only need no more than a pea-sized amount. Bloom products contain high quality ingredients from the Dead Sea and a little goes a long way.

Always pay attention to the order of application and layer. As mentioned above, Bloom Mineral Beauty has created an ideal skin care system for you. Stick with the correct order, apply the allotted amount, and be sure to layer. Bloom products work best when used together, they were designed to complement each other. When you use your mask and exfoliator as suggested, the cleanser in return is able to get deeper and work better. The last layer should be our moisture shield followed by your favorite SPF. Applying this as the final layer to clean skin allows the shield and sunscreen to sink in and provide a protective barrier against the elements.

At Bloom Mineral Beauty, we are excited to share the joy of health and beauty with our customers. Whether you want to enhance the beauty of your face or body, we can help bring your skin to life. Visit our online store or give us a call at 757-842-6350 to talk with us about Bloom Mineral Beauty products.

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