How much should quality skin care cost?

Posted by Bloom on 3/13/2017 to Skin Care
How much does good skin have to cost? The more mature our skin becomes, the more products we seem to need. The bottles and bills for daily skin care can add up. That doesn’t have to be the case. When it comes to quality, we at Bloom Mineral Beauty believe you deserve the best in service and product selection! 

Our unique line of skincare contains top quality minerals and ingredients direct from the Dead Sea. It is because your skin deserves the very best, we manufacture in Jordan, at our family owned and operated facility, close to where the minerals are sourced. We understand that with regular use of Dead Sea products, you are able to enhance the vitality, freshness and flexibility in your skin. When placing orders with us, we want to ensure you spend your money appropriately. We offer a free initial consultation from one of our skilled educators prior to purchase. If you can’t decide between our amazing products or just want to try more than one item, consider trying one of our discovery kits. We have taken the guess work out of it for you and paired our products together accordingly. 

We offer an array of easy to follow kits designed to save you money and save your skin! The kits are a great way to make our favorites, your favorites! The 3 piece starter kit costs just over $1 a day and is a perfectly portioned month long supply, ideal for anyone who wants to try our regiment. With a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer it is an excellent accompaniment to any gym bag or jetsetter travel stash. The 4 piece Beauty Essential Kit contains all  the elements of the 3 piece plus one of our most popular items, our Purifying Mud Mask. Our biggest savings comes in the form of our Pure Clean Bundle. It covers you from head to toe and includes the Purifying Mud Soap, Softening Cleansing Milk, Hydrating Almond Scrub and Moisture Shield. 

What are you waiting for? Save money and save time. Call Bloom Mineral Beauty for your complimentary consultation today!