Comprehensive Review: Bloom Mineral Beauty

Posted by Bloom Mineral Beauty on 9/1/2016 to News
We couldn't be happier to share this comprehensive review from a customer who tried several Bloom Mineral Beauty skin care products.  Thanks Ms. Charles!  We're so glad you like our skin care line.

Review of Bloom Products:

Shielding Hand Cream -
This is, in my many years (I am 60) perhaps the very best hand cream/lotion I have ever used. Other lotions / creams you have to re-apply nearly everytime you wash your hands. With the Shielding Hand Cream, I can massage it into my hands in the morning – and even though I wash my hands repeatedly all day, my skin still feels moist, not rough & dry. It feels as if it penetrates deep into the skin to moisturize deep down – not just a thin surface layer.

Shielding Eye Cream –
My skin feels so moist and supple after using this eye cream – and it lasts all day. I now ALSO use instead of any lip balm… and only need to apply it in the morning instead of reaching for a lip balm constantly throughout the day!

Purifying Mud Mask –
From the very first time I used this product, my skin felt so smooth and soft; if I had time, I might want to use it daily – but twice a week is perfect!

Softening Cleansing Milk –
This is such a nice facial cleanser; so gentle on your skin and eyes (never any eye sting!). It makes my skin feel rich after using it!

Shielding Body Lotion –
Like all the other Bloom products, I only have to use this once daily… it lasts all day – in fact, I can feel the moisture STILL in my skin the next when I take a shower. My skin never feels dry at all anymore, even after spending a day in the sun or pool!

- L. Charles, Virginia