Chesapeake Business is Blooming with Dead Sea Minerals

Posted by Bloom Mineral Beauty on 10/14/2016 to News

CHESAPEAKE, VA – If you have spent time in a spa or cosmetics aisle, chances are you’ve seen

dozens of skin care brands. The choices can be overwhelming, but Chesapeake businessman Jeff

Littman believes he’s found the one that you’ve been searching for.

Bloom Mineral Beauty is a line of skin care products manufactured in Jordan, and the lotions, mud

masks and soaps all contain natural minerals direct from the Dead Sea. The minerals are known to

have a positive impact on how skin looks and feels, dating back 2000 years to the legends of


Littman is the owner of a wholesale export business that routinely sells and ships US goods to the

Middle East. Together with Bloom Mineral Beauty President Chrissy Baker they secured the

exclusive rights to import and distribute Bloom products for the first time in the US.

“The Bloom brand of natural cosmetics is well known in the Middle East and is distributed in over 40

countries,” says Littman. “Bloom products are found in top spas around the world, and I’m told are

even provided to guests on Royal Jordanian Airlines.”

Littman and Baker started with a small shipment they shared with friends, neighbors and a few well-

known industry contacts. “The response has been overwhelming,” said Baker. “We had requests to

purchase the full line before we even had the first shipment arrive!”

Now Bloom is ready to blossom. The Chesapeake warehouse is stocked, the products have

undergone FDA inspection and dermatological testing from two national laboratories. A new

website is live for online shopping and wholesale orders have already started shipping to spas. “We

had our first order from a spa in New York before we had the warehouse fully set up,” said Littman.

“Everyone who tries the skin care products raves about the results.”

Baker added, “Within days of sending out samples we started getting written testimonials and

requests to purchase. There’s really nothing quite like the natural feel of Bloom on the market.”